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Dear Students and Parents,

I’ve been getting several phone calls and emails recently from students who are taking the September ACT test. A theme among these students is that the Reading section of the ACT is really hurting their composite score, and when I ask why the Reading section is so challenging, many students say it’s because they are slow readers and only get through a couple essays before time runs out. Does this sound like you?irisreading

I have a great resource for you to check out! Iris Reading was founded to teach college students and business professionals to improve their reading speed and comprehension. Their Free Speed Reading Workshop is something I am starting to have all my ACT/SAT students watch.

The workshop video course teaches you strategies that improve your reading speed without missing key information in the article/book you are reading. Some of the exercises may seem kind of strange, but stick to it and you will see a difference! My own reading speed increased by 100 words per minute in the short 50 minutes it took to watch the video.

Post below and let me know how much their techniques helped you improve!

Rachel Cheslik

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