Preparing for the ACT


Because every student has different strengths and weaknesses, my first recommendation is to make sure you know what yours are! 

Are you comfortable with the 4 subjects covered in the test? Dig into the details of the test…what math concepts do you need to know? In the English section, are there more punctuation and grammar problems or paragraph continuity and “whole concept” questions?

Are you a good test taker? Can you focus and think well for 3 hours at a time? Do you know how to rule out answers quickly? How are your comprehension and deduction skills? What is your reading speed?


Answers Marked on Test

Next, I recommend taking practice tests. Unless you are really confident in your ability, I’d recommend not timing yourself the first one or two times. Use this time to pinpoint the specific problems you have trouble with and then focus on learning the rules or concepts behind them. Then, as you get more comfortable with the material, take a timed test to see how you need to adjust your pace. Take as many practice tests as you have time for! Besides learning test content, that is the most important part of preparing for the ACT.

You can find ACT practice tests and content reviews in the Real ACT Prep Guide. The 3rd edition has 5 practice tests and is an excellent resource. Check for it at your local library! I also recommend Cracking the ACT by Princeton Review.


buisnessFinally, make sure you visit this ACT Test Day page to confirm you have all the tools (calculator, pencils, etc.) needed before taking the real test! Good luck!



And, of course, if you need help preparing or have more questions, give me a call! My e-mail is and my phone # is 816-738-5685. I have tutored students in person and online in preparation for the ACT, and both methods work well! Give me a call and we can set up a free face-to-face consultation!


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  1. Kai Tinich says:

    Looking for help studying for the ACT that I am taking in August.

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