College Admission Requirements

Each college or university has two main requirements for entrance.

  • ACT/SAT score: Typically, if you score over a 23 on the ACT or a 1090 on the SAT, then you are automatically accepted.* If your ACT/SAT score is between 17/820-23/1090, then they use a sliding scale that combines your test scores and your high school rank/GPA. The higher your test score is, the lower your class rank has to be; likewise, the higher your class rank is, the lower your score has to be. Visit the University of Missouri admissions page for an example.
  • Completion of required high school curriculum. View Missouri state requirements here.

* Please be aware that every college and university is different, so the best way to find school-specific admission requirements is to visit their admissions page. Below are links to the admission pages for five major schools in both Missouri and Kansas.




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