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Summer Tutoring!

So, let’s state 2 very obvious facts to get them out of the way

 (1) IT’S SUMMER!!!

(2) And I have been severely delinquent in updating my website….

My business has taken off through other communication outlets (Yay!!!) and as a result I have not posted on here since…February 5th…

But enough of that! I am offering summer tutoring June 1-30 and July 21 through the start of school. So, if your student needs his or her maths skills polished in preparation for next year or ACT/SAT test prep help, contact me! Call me at 816-738-5685, post below, or e-mail me at

In the meantime, have a WONDERFUL summer!

Rachel Cheslik


Celebrating Freedom

Dear Students,

Happy 4th of July week! I hope y’all are enjoying some time with your family and friends! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because not only do I get time off work to hang out with friends, grill some hamburgers and hot dogs, and watch fireworks, but I also get to celebrate the beginning of the United States of America!


I am so thankful to live in a country where liberty is so highly valued. In many countries I would not have the freedom to participate in electing our governing officials, start my own tutoring business, or even post on my own website without regulation.

Man in U.s. Marine Corps Uniform Saluting American Flag

And none of these freedoms would be possible without the millions of United States soldiers who have kept our country free over the past two-and-a-half decades. So, this week when I celebrate the independence of the United States of America, I am especially thankful for these 3 liberties and for the men and women who have sacrificed so much.

What about you? What are some freedoms you are thankful for this week?


Rachel Cheslik

rachel 3


Ed-u-ca-tion: Three parts determination and one part learning

“The most valuable of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it has to be done, whether you like it or not.” — Aldous Huxley 

Recently, I’ve been considering how to motivate students to work hard at subjects they do not enjoy. I listen and encourage; I create worksheets that relate to their interests; I help them set goals and reward them when they succeed. Yet what do I do when that is not enough? What do I do when what students lack is not the ability to learn but the determination to do their best?

And then I realized something: education itself–reading, writing, math, history, science–isn’t valuable without the determination and character to learn and apply it. What allows us to succeed in this world is not so much what we know, but the determination to use our knowledge to do the things we have to do, when we have to do them, whether we like it or not.

So to the students who lack determination to learn when learning is hard and inconvenient and very unfun, don’t give up…determine to apply yourself now and you will be building a successful foundation for your future. 

Rachel Cheslik

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Rachel’s Summer Project






Hi Y’all!

Summer is underway! So far I’ve been to a family reunion in Minnesota and on a float trip in southern Missouri, but now it’s time to work on my summer project…spreading the word about my tutoring business!

Summer Web Photo

Some of the tasks on my to-do list:

  1. Create and order a business sign for my yard (in progress)
  2. Create content for my website (in progress)
  3. Develop SEO tags and change my website color scheme (working on it with a friend tomorrow!)
  4. Create a business portfolio and distribute it to local schools (June-July project)
  5. Post on my website so y’all know I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet (done!) 🙂

And, of course, I’m also tutoring this summer, so if you are interested in staying on top of your studies for the next school year, let me know! Call 816-738-5685 or e-mail

Have a fun-filled and productive summer!

Rachel Cheslik

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Summer Tutoring! (Summer is almost here…right?)

(So, my goal for this post is to ignore the fact that last night it snowed, my power went out, and this morning it is 36 degrees outside! Yes, today is May 3, 2013.) 

Summer is right around the corner! Yay! 😀 In a few weeks, school will be out, local outdoor pools will open, and families will start planning a trip to the lake.

Unfortunately, summer isn’t all play, so I am offering summer tutoring for students who want to stay sharp for the next school year. E-mail me at or call me at 816-738-5685 to sign-up! I am trying to schedule all my summer students by Friday, May 24, so contact me today!

Have a wonderful summer!

rachel 3