November, 2013

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Special Offer: $5 off first tutoring session!

Do you need help preparing for the December ACT or SAT? Do you need to raise your grade before the end of the term? I would love to help, and from now until the end of November I am offering $5 off your first tutoring session!

Give me a call at 816-738-5685, e-mail me at, or simply reply below! Click here to see the subjects I tutor in: Grades 5-8 & Grades 9-12.

Have a blessed November!

Rachel Cheslik

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (almost)

It’s November…the time of the year that is so full of almosts! It’s almost cold enough to need scarves and mittens. It’s almost time to start Christmas shopping. It’s almost time to start listening to Christmas music. It’s almost time for me to ignore business goals and dive into the holiday season without feeling guilty…(right?)

On top of all that, my students are already catching the “school is almost out for Christmas break” bug.

What’s a tutor to do?


So, to keep myself from being distracted by the most wonderful time of the year and to motivate myself to finish 2013 well, I made a list of business goals I’ve met and a list of goals I want to meet by the end of this year.

Goals Accomplished!

1. Design and display a business sign in my yard.

2. Create business cards, a Facebook page, and a website.

3. Get my name out to the public, private, and home school coops in Cass County, MO.

4. Tutor 15-20 hours per week.

Goals to Accomplish:

1. Create a business portfolio.

2. Create and run a Facebook ad.

3. Order 5 business yard signs and display them around town.

4. Tutor 25-30 hours per week.


Whether you’re studying for exams, writing term papers, or catching up on sleep, set goals that will help you focus and get those great grades!


Rachel Cheslik

rachel 3