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Exciting Expansion in Progress!

Dear Parents and Students, First, I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you! I truly cherish my job and helping my students strive toward their educational goals. Second, I have some exciting news! I am starting the process of hiring someone to help meet the increasing demand I am facing for quality tutoring. God hasRead the rest of this page »

Getting in Gear

Dear Students and Parents, Once again I find myself posting after an very extended break from updating my website. This past spring was my busiest tutoring season ever (thank you!!!!), and this summer I have been on several trips while still tutoring 3 days a week. But…all that is past, and this week I am gearing up for another fallRead the rest of this page »

4 x 4 = ????

This quote by Albert Einstein always challenges me because sometimes I am tempted to take the “easy” way out when helping my students. I know it would be easier for them and for me if I just told them what 4×4 equals or what SOHCAHTOA means when they can’t remember. And to be honest, sometimes I do. But often timesRead the rest of this page »

Discount for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Dear Students and Parents, It has been a LOOOOOOONG time since I posted here…mainly because I was so busy with students that I didn’t take the time to update my website. Which is completely awesome (!!!!!) , but it also means that it looks like a ghost town around here because I haven’t updated my website since December…yikes! So, downRead the rest of this page »

$5 off two tutoring sessions!

Didn’t receive that grade you hoped for on you report card? Need some help understanding your algebra or geometry class or prepping for the ACT? Through January 31st, I’m offering $5-off two tutoring sessions for new students. Book your first session before January 31, 2015, and get the discount! At my normal rate, two sessions cost $40, but with thisRead the rest of this page »

Easy vs. Difficult: Which will you choose?

As a tutor, one thing I strive to do is not let my students take the easy way out. I encourage them to never back down from a challenge. Do I succeed in this all the time? No. But in this age of smart phones that “talk” and can tell you everything from how to boil water to what theRead the rest of this page »

$5 off 1st Session!

It’s July 31st, and that means the first day of school is almost here! School is back in session August 13th-15th in Harrisonville, MO, and the surrounding districts, so I’m offering $5 off your first tutoring session if you sign up between now and September 14, 2014! Contact me by emailing, by posting a comment below, or by calling 816-738-5685.Read the rest of this page »

Learning to speed read

Dear Students and Parents, I’ve been getting several phone calls and emails recently from students who are taking the September ACT test. A theme among these students is that the Reading section of the ACT is really hurting their composite score, and when I ask why the Reading section is so challenging, many students say it’s because they are slowRead the rest of this page »

Out-of-town Notice

Hi Students! I will be out-of-town July 6-July 18. In the meantime, if you need to contact me, please email me at or leave a message below, and I will respond promptly when I return. Thank you and have a great 2 weeks! 🙂 ~ Rachel Cheslik ~    

The one resource you shouldn’t do without

Dear Students, As a tutor who Googles and researches and then uses a variety of educational resources, I would like to share with you my favorite free online learning tool: Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization that began with a guy named Salman Khan creating math videos and posting them on Youtube. The videos were so helpful andRead the rest of this page »

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